Sabtu, 21 September 2013

wHy 'Hist0ry Girl'??

last week... my english t'cer t0ld me & my frienz to make an essay title 'The Most Popular Supermarket At Your Town".. so, i've create the essay and start with history for the introducti0n & she read my essay... then, she told me that my essay was quite good.. bef0re her english class end, she want our essay finish tomorrow.. she tell us that the intr0duction of this essay can start with STORY, DIALOGUE, FACTS and HISTORY..

she wanna give an example for historical introduction but she d0esnt have much time... so she told my classmate to read my essay b'coz i'm the one who make intro with history...
word that she say -> 'emmm, who make historical intro?? it was u (Ernie) right.. yes it was you..she was good in historical introduction, so u all can take any example from her essay.. she might a "HISTORY GIRL". ', T'cer Bella says..

that was the 1st praise that i've got from her... in that day my nickname is 'HISTORY GIRL'... i'll never f0rget this pseudonym... i'm very glad to have it... thanks...


Ahad, 1 September 2013

Khamis, 11 April 2013

Like BLACK, DisLike PINK !!

yowww........ knape ES ske wrne BLACK & benci PINK... sbb hitam is my fevrot c0lor laa.... if dbandingkn purple & black, ofc0z laa ES pilih black c0lor... yezz, ES ske warne2 gelap... maybe sbb wrne kulit k0wt... haha.. ^_^
dulu, dsbbkan ES ske wrne hitam.. ES ske tg0k jejaka pkai baju wrne hitam.. bgi ES, nth laaa.. jejaka pkai bju wrne hitam nie nmpak mach0 plak.. huhu... *_* maybe nmpak mcm seorg lelaki k0wt..
errrr.. ape yg ES mrepek nie???

skrang nie ES ske tg0k jejaka pkai bju wrne purple plak.. x thu laa knape.. mybe sbb sejuk skit hati memandang especially bdk lelaki tu yg pkai... huhuhu... 0h, d0nt say that ES sk0deng dye k... dye yg dd0k dpn ES, s0 trpakse laa tgk...