Khamis, 25 Oktober 2012

h0w gIrly i am ???

 aq adlah se0rag 'A Regular Girl' (Gadis Biase)

Im dont really like dresses but if i have to.I dont care what people think of me but i care what im look like.I wear shorts ,short sleeves and cute tank tops.But i also really love sports but i arent the very best.


angEl 0r dEvil ??

aq nie se0rang yg 'The Aggressive Angel'.
Im have a good heart, but always show eagerness to fight for what is right... even if it means hurting someone else's heart.


my type 0f g0tH...

klau aq se0rang g0th... ES adlah g0th jenis 'EVIL G0TH'.

Im wear a dark exterior to reflect your black heart and empty soul. I are the epitome of hatred and the reason goths are stigmatized by society. Noone knows where i came from, but everyone wishes i would return to that forbidden place and never come back.